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Grifo 210
About us

GRIFO21O is a multibrand store founded in 1985 by Nicola Grifo in one of the most charming tourist destinations of Italy, Ischia.

Thirty years of passion and love for innovation have made this the shop of the same name become an international point of reference for lovers of all things beautiful.

GRIFO21O offers a refined and elegant style while at the same time being sophisticated and cutting edge. The selection of the collections in the store is made with the aim of achieving a balanced result overall. Everything you will find in GRIFO21O is the result of a constant and tireless pursuit of harmony.

Every single item is a trace of color in a bigger work of art which is a larger collection. And this is the reason why the result should be seen in its unity and completeness.

Many years of experience and reliability have made GRIFO21O synonymous with trustworthiness, practicality and guaranteed quality.


Corso Vittoria Colonna n. 167 - 80077 Ischia (NA)


Corso Vittoria Colonna n. 210 - 80077 Ischia (NA)


Corso Vittoria Colonna n. 162 - 80077 Ischia (NA)


M. info@grifo210.com


GRIFO210 - ITALY - P.IVA 05883241217